Welcome To Buttlove Farms

Buttlove Farms began when I moved away from the hustle and bustle of the capital to the relative quiet and space of a small village in the NSW countryside.

Initially, I got six chickens for the eggs.  I approached chickens much the same way I approach everything in life.  Impulsively, blindly, and determined to be amazing at it.  After many, sometimes tragic failures, that started to become a reality.    I expected to fail and to get eggs.  What I didn’t expect is to fall so irrevocably in love with chickens.  Months and years passed and I learned what I was doing.  I taught myself how to identify their illnesses and treat them, how to tend to nutrient deficiencies, I took university classes in animal welfare, sustainable farming, and chicken behaviour – and I spent days at a time simply observing my birds.

Slowly, my hobby of chicken keeping became a lifestyle and a philosophy.  That food animals deserve as much love, care, consideration, and dignity as our pets.  Even if we only get eggs from them.  Even if we eat them for meat.  They deserve a good and healthy life before that end.

I began selling fertile, crossbreed hatching eggs in 2014 as a means to offset some of the costs of my hobby.  If you are interested in purchasing eggs from Buttlove Farms, you may find information here.  Please keep in mind that we are a very small “farm” and that there may be a significant waiting list.