Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Ugh.  I am so ready for it to be over.  The morning started with Xander jumping on all of my organs and reminding me (admittedly gently) that it was Christmas and could I please have my coffee now so I can not be psychotic and he can open presents?

My kid just gets me, y’all.

When he saw that the vast majority of the presents under the tree were for him, only two were for dad, and none were for me – he offered me several of his presents to open. <3 He wanted everyone to get to open presents on Christmas.  In the end, of course, he opened all of his presents himself – and was incredibly thrilled.  We’d gotten him a metal detector for Christmas and – as it turned out – so did his auntie in England! XD


That actually worked out -brilliantly-, as it meant that we could go out as a family, two of us with metal detectors, one with a trowel, and could treasure hunt together!  Within just a few minutes we’d found a shitton of nails, a bricklaying line pin, a 10 cent coin, pieces of rebar, wire, and screws old and new.

Simon got a gorgeous watch made of ebony from his sister.  It’s really stunning.  Doesn’t he look excited? Oh.  He doesn’t look excited.  Don’t worry, that’s just his face.  He’s excited.  He’s been talking to me all day about making sure that he keeps it safe and protected and has been researching how well protected it is from water.

This is my happy face. Yay.

Today is also day 22 in our incubator, which means hatching.  The eggs had begun to pip last night but we had no progress until this morning when the first pipped egg unzipped quite rapidly around 10am and a little chick popped out.  We decided (and by we, I mean me and Asajii, not Simon bc who cares what he thinks?) to name the chicks after people born on (or supposedly born on/around) December 25th.

The first chick to appear was, of course, promptly named Jesus.  Here’s hoping Jesus isn’t a boy – because that means we’ll be eating Jesus. At least he’ll be delicious and probably quite tender.

The second chick to make significant progress unfortunately died in the shell.  It got close to unzipping and then stopped peeping and moving.  When I finally took it out, its body had stiffened. 😐 It sucks, but it does happen.

The third chick hatched about an hour ago – and we have named it Newton after Sir Isaac Newton.

Chick number four is close to unzipping – and we plan to name it Clara Barton, the woman who started the Red Cross – and also one badass lady in general.

I got to spend some time with the chickens today – but unfortunately I spent the vast majority of it sitting at my desk retouching photos and coding.

Before putting Xander to bed – I was, as per usual – pressured into making babies faster plzkthx.

Xander: Mum.  You’re taking a really long time to make a baby.  I wish if you could just have a baby right now.

Me: Oh cool, I’ll do that. Hold on. …wait no, I’m not a wizard.

Xander: We really need to get some organs so I have someone to play with.

Me: ..what?

Xander: We need to get some organs.

Me: …..what do you mean?

Xander: You know, kids who don’t have mums and dads…

Me: Oh. You mean orphans?

Xander: Yes, orphans.  We need to get some orphans so that I have someone to play with.

Like okay kid, let’s just trot on down to the orphan shop and buy you a baby brother.  If it were that easy, I’d totally do it.  “I’d like one baby please, hold the mustard!”

Tomorrow should be pretty amazing, though.  Asajii is coming on the train.  Xander is really excited – but also really disappointed that we are not getting on the train.  He would like for us to go on the train to our next holiday.

And now, with tired eyes, I go to bed – before 10pm.  Ugh.