My Kid Is Angry At Me



Alexander slammed the XBox controller down in frustration one too many times and broke it. This is the second one. I will be raiding his piggy bank to fund new controllers because he was warned. He was told that the controllers are sensitive and that he doesn’t get to express his frustration with video games by breaking them.
He responded by drawing me a picture to tell me he doesn’t love me anymore and giving it to me. Simon started to get mad but hey…that’s cool kid. You’re allowed to feel what you feel. Then he wrote, “Xander loves mum forever”, waited until I was walking by, and tore it in half, throwing it in the fireplace. Whatever catharsis helps you, kid. You don’t have to like me. That’s cool.  I’m your mum, not your BFF.  I will survive.
I could get mad. I could point out that he’s breaking house rule #2: It’s alright to be mad, it’s not alright to be hurtful – but I reckon in this case the best reaction is no reaction. And to be honest, expressing his anger and hurt by drawing pictures and being open about it isn’t a bad thing.  It’s kind of amazing.   By expressing his feelings through art and writing, he’s literally doing the opposite of what caused the problem.  He’s releasing his feelings via a healthy outlet rather than being destructive.  He’s doing this because he’s hurt and angry and is trying to throw some of that back on me – probably so that I can understand how he feels. There are times when not strictly enforcing the house rules is the better idea. Sometimes you need to pick your battles.
If I get angry – I’m showing him that I have a fragile ego easily destroyed by a 6 year old. And, I mean…I’m an anxious person but shit, I’m not that anxious.
I’d rather say, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” and move on.  
And really – I can’t put it better than parenting Queen Kristina Kuzmic…

Update: He wrote me a “book” detailing his feelings on the XBox Controller breaking. XD