The Burden Of Women

I’ve been crumbling a lot lately.  I’ve been finding myself on the floor, hands covered in cat pee as I try to clean it up, sobbing and feeling as though I can’t breathe.  Because it feels like there’s a crushing weight on me.   It’s possible that I’m falling apart because I have a mental illness.  It’s possible that I’m just… Read more →

How DARE You Call Me Names, You @*&!(@#!!!!

I posted a conversation yesterday on Facebook between myself and a gentleman complaining about political correctness in which I attempt to explain to him the benefit of not being an oozing dickblister to those around you – while also attempting to glean what about the idea of political correctness so upset him. I hear the same things over and over… Read more →


Rosita, my 9 month old Golden Spangled Hamburg pullet and member of my breeding stock, was attacked by a dog yesterday. Someone’s Wolfhound (cross?) had gotten into my yard through fencing that was designed to discourage birds from leaving the yard – not for keeping dogs in or out. It then knocked over another section of fencing and got into… Read more →

Rationalizing Emotions

I’ve been really depressed lately.  Like really depressed.  Like barely wanting to live depressed.  Don’t freak out and call the authorities* – I’m 100% fine right now.  But I want to talk about a thing that frustrates me a lot when I’m depressed. I talk about my problems with mental illness pretty openly. I’ve always refused to be intimidated into… Read more →

Burning Bridges

I’ve had to let go of a few old friends recently. Nothing was inherently wrong with the friendship itself, per se. More or less, I hadn’t seen some of them for fifteen years. I was a very, very different person than I had been when we were bffs back in the day – because I’d been, you know. A child.… Read more →

That Damn Pecking Order

BTW, y’all, it’d be reeeeeeal nice if the Instagram peeps stopped picking at Tino of @rooandcrew every time he posts a video of his birds fighting, with demands that he make them stop or reporting him for cock fighting. Recording a chicken fight that is happening near you is not, in any way, cock fighting and you devalue the fight… Read more →

On The Great Dumpster Fire Of America

(I use BetterHelp for online counselling – which I highly recommend.  This was originally a post to my therapist, hence the inclusion of information some might see as obvious.  It just occurred to me that it would also make a decent post.)   I’ve come to realise more and more over the last few months that my mood really started… Read more →

Beak Trimming

  It’s uncommon, but sometimes chickens need to have their beaks trimmed.  This isn’t the same as debeaking whereby a day-old chick’s beak is burned off with a hot knife to the point where the growth matrix is damaged, inhibiting its further growth for the rest of the bird’s life.  We breed our own birds and don’t believe in debeaking… Read more →