The Stains Of Our Past

CW: Abuse and violence, slut-shaming   No matter how far in years I get from my grandparents’ and uncle’s abuse I still have dreams where either my grandfather or my uncle are hovering over my face calling me a stupid little whore and telling me that I’m worthless.   But they’ve changed. I used to wake up hyperventilating, still feeling… Read more →

The Burden Of Women

I’ve been crumbling a lot lately.  I’ve been finding myself on the floor, hands covered in cat pee as I try to clean it up, sobbing and feeling as though I can’t breathe.  Because it feels like there’s a crushing weight on me.   It’s possible that I’m falling apart because I have a mental illness.  It’s possible that I’m just… Read more →

How DARE You Call Me Names, You @*&!(@#!!!!

I posted a conversation yesterday on Facebook between myself and a gentleman complaining about political correctness in which I attempt to explain to him the benefit of not being an oozing dickblister to those around you – while also attempting to glean what about the idea of political correctness so upset him. I hear the same things over and over… Read more →


Rosita, my 9 month old Golden Spangled Hamburg pullet and member of my breeding stock, was attacked by a dog yesterday. Someone’s Wolfhound (cross?) had gotten into my yard through fencing that was designed to discourage birds from leaving the yard – not for keeping dogs in or out. It then knocked over another section of fencing and got into… Read more →

Rationalizing Emotions

I’ve been really depressed lately.  Like really depressed.  Like barely wanting to live depressed.  Don’t freak out and call the authorities* – I’m 100% fine right now.  But I want to talk about a thing that frustrates me a lot when I’m depressed. I talk about my problems with mental illness pretty openly. I’ve always refused to be intimidated into… Read more →

Burning Bridges

I’ve had to let go of a few old friends recently. Nothing was inherently wrong with the friendship itself, per se. More or less, I hadn’t seen some of them for fifteen years. I was a very, very different person than I had been when we were bffs back in the day – because I’d been, you know. A child.… Read more →

That Damn Pecking Order

BTW, y’all, it’d be reeeeeeal nice if the Instagram peeps stopped picking at Tino of @rooandcrew every time he posts a video of his birds fighting, with demands that he make them stop or reporting him for cock fighting. Recording a chicken fight that is happening near you is not, in any way, cock fighting and you devalue the fight… Read more →