Oopsie Bread Recipe

If you’ve ever gone low-carb in an attempt to lose weight, you’ve probably pined for bread – or at least the versatility that bread can bring to a meal.  Suddenly, without access to sweet, sweet carbohydrates, meals get more complicated.  How do you have a burger? How do you have toast? A sandwich? Pizza? Breadsticks? Lasagne sheets? At first, when… Read more →

Nutella Rugelach

It’s Hanukkah. To me, that means family, food, and tradition. One of my favourite Hanukkah treats is the trusty rugelach – a fancy rolled up cookie. Rugelach is a transliteration from Yiddish, that basically means little twists – hence the shape! There are LOTS of different interpretations (Yay! Transliteration!), but little twists is the one I like best. Even though this isn’t a fried… Read more →

#NotAllMen Invalidates Our Experiences

Trigger Warning: This post contains discussion regarding sexual assault   Well alright. *clears throat, pushes glasses up nose* ‘Hem… Dear Ian, We’d love to give every guy the benefit of the doubt right up until they rape and murder us. I get it. Not All Men. What you’re quite possibly forgetting is that it’s more like Quite Possibly Any Man.… Read more →

Cricket (And Correcting Crooked Toes)

Meet Cricket Cricket hatched 10 days ago. Her broodmates hatched 12 days ago.  On time.  Without issue.  Cricket exploded from her egg right before I was about to turn the incubator off, later than I really should have.  I’d just had surgery and was slowed down by my recovery.  When she first hatched I gave her about a 5% chance of… Read more →

Bitter Pill

I see the argument on a near daily basis.  “Drug addict” used as a slur.  A term denoting worthlessness.  That person isn’t a worthwhile human being.  They’re a drug addict.  This is nothing new.  We’ve been treating addiction like a moral failing since humans could get high.  Obviously, if the person had any strength of character they’d not have gotten themselves… Read more →

Buyer Beware: I Will Ask Questions

  So often, someone will contact me wanting to buy very young chicks and either admitting (or poorly attempting to hide) that they know little to nothing about chickens.   This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. Granted, I’ve had a couple of terrible outcomes where someone actually APPEARED to know the basics of chicken keeping and got chicks from me, only… Read more →

My Kid Is Angry At Me

  Alexander slammed the XBox controller down in frustration one too many times and broke it. This is the second one. I will be raiding his piggy bank to fund new controllers because he was warned. He was told that the controllers are sensitive and that he doesn’t get to express his frustration with video games by breaking them.  … Read more →