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The Stains Of Our Past

CW: Abuse and violence, slut-shaming   No matter how far in years I get from my grandparents’ and uncle’s abuse I still have dreams where either my grandfather or my uncle are hovering over my face calling me a stupid little whore and telling me that I’m worthless.   But they’ve changed. I used to wake up hyperventilating, still feeling… Read more →

The Burden Of Women

I’ve been crumbling a lot lately.  I’ve been finding myself on the floor, hands covered in cat pee as I try to clean it up, sobbing and feeling as though I can’t breathe.  Because it feels like there’s a crushing weight on me.   It’s possible that I’m falling apart because I have a mental illness.  It’s possible that I’m just… Read more →

How DARE You Call Me Names, You @*&!(@#!!!!

I posted a conversation yesterday on Facebook between myself and a gentleman complaining about political correctness in which I attempt to explain to him the benefit of not being an oozing dickblister to those around you – while also attempting to glean what about the idea of political correctness so upset him. I hear the same things over and over… Read more →


Rosita, my 9 month old Golden Spangled Hamburg pullet and member of my breeding stock, was attacked by a dog yesterday. Someone’s Wolfhound (cross?) had gotten into my yard through fencing that was designed to discourage birds from leaving the yard – not for keeping dogs in or out. It then knocked over another section of fencing and got into… Read more →

Rationalizing Emotions

I’ve been really depressed lately.  Like really depressed.  Like barely wanting to live depressed.  Don’t freak out and call the authorities* – I’m 100% fine right now.  But I want to talk about a thing that frustrates me a lot when I’m depressed. I talk about my problems with mental illness pretty openly. I’ve always refused to be intimidated into… Read more →

My Kid Is Angry At Me

  Alexander slammed the XBox controller down in frustration one too many times and broke it. This is the second one. I will be raiding his piggy bank to fund new controllers because he was warned. He was told that the controllers are sensitive and that he doesn’t get to express his frustration with video games by breaking them.  … Read more →