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That Damn Pecking Order

BTW, y’all, it’d be reeeeeeal nice if the Instagram peeps stopped picking at Tino of @rooandcrew every time he posts a video of his birds fighting, with demands that he make them stop or reporting him for cock fighting. Recording a chicken fight that is happening near you is not, in any way, cock fighting and you devalue the fight… Read more →

On The Great Dumpster Fire Of America

(I use BetterHelp for online counselling – which I highly recommend.  This was originally a post to my therapist, hence the inclusion of information some might see as obvious.  It just occurred to me that it would also make a decent post.)   I’ve come to realise more and more over the last few months that my mood really started… Read more →

Cricket (And Correcting Crooked Toes)

Meet Cricket Cricket hatched 10 days ago. Her broodmates hatched 12 days ago.  On time.  Without issue.  Cricket exploded from her egg right before I was about to turn the incubator off, later than I really should have.  I’d just had surgery and was slowed down by my recovery.  When she first hatched I gave her about a 5% chance of… Read more →

Buyer Beware: I Will Ask Questions

  So often, someone will contact me wanting to buy very young chicks and either admitting (or poorly attempting to hide) that they know little to nothing about chickens.   This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. Granted, I’ve had a couple of terrible outcomes where someone actually APPEARED to know the basics of chicken keeping and got chicks from me, only… Read more →