Purchasing Eggs

Fertile hatching eggs can be purchased year-round from Buttlove Farms, though availability varies depending on season and there may be a substantial waiting list.  We do offer pick-up from Canberra but this is dependent on my husband’s work schedule.  M-F only, usually around 5:30pm.

Prices are as follows:

Pick-up (from Gunning, NSW or Dickson, ACT): $10/dozen, $6/hdozen

Delivery to Goulburn/Yass/Crookwell/Canberra: +$12

Shipping[¹]: $28 for 1 dozen, $45 for 2 dozen shipped via Express Post to anywhere in Australia EXCEPT VIC and NT which have restrictions on hatching eggs. (price includes eggs AND express post shipping)

Shipped eggs are individually wrapped with tissue to prevent shifting in the cartons.  Each carton then has tissue laid across the top for padding, is taped closed, then wrapped twice in bubble wrap width-wise and length-wise.  Then each carton is placed in a box with padding to separate them.  The box is then placed in a 5kg express post satchel (the most cost-effective method) and plastered with care labels (This Way Up) and (Live Hatching Eggs, DO NOT XRAY).   If you like we are MORE than happy to send you photos of your your eggs as they are being packaged so that you can see how they left our care.

Payment: Usually we take cash on delivery – but for shipped eggs we take bank transfer or Paypal.

We do not sell birds at point of lay.  We do not sell purebred eggs.  It is possible that some resulting chicks may be purebred but there are no guarantees to this.  All of our chickens run free and our roosters choose their hens.

Interested in buying some of our eggs? Contact us via the form below!


  1. Shipping is extremely hard on eggs.  Viability can plummet due to a wide variety of factors including weather and handling.  While I am extremely happy to ship eggs, once they leave my hands I am in no way responsible for any damage caused to them by Australia Post.  So far I’ve had a grand total of ONE shipped egg break in transit – I pack my eggs very well, but it is not uncommon for shipped eggs to yield not one single chick – due to the massive effect the transit has on them.  Buyers should be aware that posting eggs is a risky endeavor that I cannot control.    Shipped eggs MUST be posted either on a Monday or a Tuesday – as every moment they are in transit, they are further damaged.