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Rosita, my 9 month old Golden Spangled Hamburg pullet and member of my breeding stock, was attacked by a dog yesterday. Someone’s Wolfhound (cross?) had gotten into my yard through fencing that was designed to discourage birds from leaving the yard – not for keeping dogs in or out. It then knocked over another section of fencing and got into… Read more →

Beak Trimming

  It’s uncommon, but sometimes chickens need to have their beaks trimmed.  This isn’t the same as debeaking whereby a day-old chick’s beak is burned off with a hot knife to the point where the growth matrix is damaged, inhibiting its further growth for the rest of the bird’s life.  We breed our own birds and don’t believe in debeaking… Read more →

Praise Jesus (And Other Chickens)

Next time I do a hatch in this incubator, I’m going to put it somewhere other than my bedroom.  All of the cheeping is driving me mad.  As soon as the sunlight peeks through my bedroom window, the chicks are awake and active, CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP CHEEPing at each other.  I tried putting in earplugs to help with the noise… Read more →

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Ugh.  I am so ready for it to be over.  The morning started with Xander jumping on all of my organs and reminding me (admittedly gently) that it was Christmas and could I please have my coffee now so I can not be psychotic and he can open presents? My kid just gets me, y’all. When he saw… Read more →