The Ladies

(in order obtained)


2 years old

Rhode Island Red X New Hampshire White

Mira and Sophie were obtained together as young chick and were my first chickens.  I had very little idea of what I was doing and put them outside where they immediately disappeared.  Thankfully, they were found – and I learned a very, very valuable lesson.  That was when I began researching my face off.



2 years old

Rhode Island Red X New Hampshire White

Obtained with Mira – spent several days freezing in a garage because I had no idea what I was doing and put small chicks outside in winter :|.  Somehow managed to survive.  While she was once the dominant of the two, is now bossed around by smaller (but bolder) Mira.



5 years old

Purebred Australorp

Elderly and with extremely crooked toes.  Lucy was obtained along with Henny Penny, Queenie, and Buttface via Freecycle. She runs in a hilarious side-to-side waddle, has a tendency toward broodiness, and dislikes being held immensely.  Lucy consistently lays VERY elongated and large eggs.




5 years old

Unknown bantam cross

Queenie’s nickname is “Queen Bitch Queenie” for a good reason.  She hates you.  She doesn’t even know you and she already hates you.  She hates your stupid face.  Hold her.  Go on, do it.  She’ll SCREAM.  She also has super powers and is unreasonably fast like a tiny, feathered ninja.

Despite her very poor socialization, Queenie is an AMAZING mum and has never lost a chick yet, protecting them with her fierce little life.

Queenie with some of her chicks at 7 weeks old


Henny Zee Penny

5 years old

Purebred Lavender Araucana
Oh Henny.  Your hair is so whimsical.  Due to her quite extravagant crest, Henny can have a hard time seeing things around her.  This makes her very easy to sneak up on – but quite skittish as well.  She is one of the hardest hens to catch.  She lays beautiful mint green eggs and despite her advanced age still lays 5-6 days a week.  She is also the chicken most likely to end up completely filthy and ratty looking by the end of the year.




5 years old

Purebred Silver Laced Wyandotte

Buttface is a gorgeous and gentle elderly Silver Lanced Wyandotte hen.  She has fairly severe gout (think arthritis) in her old age and can sometimes find it difficult to get around.  She has her own special nesting box to make it easier for her to lay.  Buttface greatly dislikes being held but will deal with it, occasionally offering a halfhearted little growl when you cuddle her.  She’s a great and reliable broody – provided she is allowed a low nest that she can get into.



18 months old

Purebred Ancona

Ophelia hatched with a small hole in her beak which took a while to heal.  As a consequence, she has always been rather smaller than the other anconas.  She is exceptionally flighty if disturbed when she is laying and will freak out and run around in a panic.  It’s awkward when I reach in to a nesting box thinking I’m patting far more placid Kissybum only to find a shrieking Ophelia. XD



18 months old

Purebred Ancona

Kissybum is Ophelia’s braver sister.  She has a huge comb and sometimes crows if she gets angry enough, letting out a little, squeaking crow.  She’s much larger than Ophelia and her eggs are large, matte, and white.




18 months old

Purebred Golden Spangled Hamburg

Grendel is brave, bold, and quite gentle as long as you’re not bothering her when she’s on her nest.  A favourite of the boys, during breeding season she can tend to be a bit bald and requires a saddle.  If treats are on offer, Grendel will ignore the queue and run around the group to appear behind you so that she can be first.



Optimus Prime

3 years old

Isa Brown

Optimus is a retiree from a local free range egg farm.  She came to us with Bumblebee from Gunning Bum Nuts.  They spent a long time without names until Bumblebee was named after the case of Bumblefoot she had.  Of course, her friend HAD to be Optimus Prime.  Like duh. Optimus is bold, extremely tame, and will steal food from you if she thinks she can get away with it. She lays massive brown eggs.


Pinkie Pie

1 year old

Purebred Silver Laced Wyandotte

Pinkie Pie is slightly younger than her nestmate Tetra.  We obtained them from a local breeder with the intention of breeding them to Lamington – but breeding pens simply have not yet been built.  Pinkie is timid and doesn’t mind being held, tolerating a bit of petting.



1 year old

Purebred Silver Laced Wyandotte

Tetra is a bit older than Pinkie Pie and has always been a bit more aloof as well.  She’s currently brooding 6 beautiful chicks, her first clutch – and has proven to be a resourceful and protective mum and an excellent broody.



9 months old

Easter Egger (Golden Spangled Hamburg X Lavender Araucana)


Brian Blessed

2 years old

Purebred Wheaten Araucana

One part of “The Golden Girls”.  Brian Blessed was so named because she has a most glorious beard and will scream and curse at you if you pick her up. She, Gandalf, and The Butcher were obtained from a woman who did not realize that they had a terrible scaly leg mite infestation and spent the next several weeks in quarantine while they were treated.  She lays glossy green eggs.



The Butcher

2 years old

Purebred Wheaten Araucana

The Butcher is the most timid of The Golden Girls and can tend to have her beard plucked out by much more dominant Gandalf.  Like the other Golden Girls, she is relatively skittish and had a bad case of scaly leg mites when she arrived with us.  Her case was the worst and her toes cracked and bled for over a week.


Gandalf The White (And Brown)

2 years old

Purebred Wheaten Araucana

Gandalf is fierce and dominates the other Golden Girls.  She is named due to her lovely beard and also because we’re all a bunch of nerds.  She spends an unfortunate amount of time pulling The Butcher’s beard out – presumably because she is vain and wishes that her beard be the most beautiful of all.